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205 Days and Counting…

Happy Birthday candles on a cakeWe humans sure love rituals and tradition don’t we? Whether it’s Christmas or Birthdays, we love to celebrate. Many rituals and traditions have a basis in religion, but many are just an excuse to celebrate – and why not? Any excuse is good enough to have a party – because the party is an excuse for cake.  And a party without a cake is just a meeting…

Real Scottish grown Christmas trees

We’re biased of course – our business is Christmas after all, and it’s one of the biggest celebrations of the year, but it’s still 205 days until Christmas, which seems like an awfully long way away for the elves here at Crimbotrees! We have to do something to pass the time between now and Christmas 2019 when our festive doors open for real Scottish grown Crimbotrees Christmas trees to grace your home,  so we’ve been finding out about another important annual celebration – birthdays.

Birthdays – time for parties, cakes, friends and presents. Birthdays are possibly the biggest tradition of all – we all have them once a year – unless you were born in a leap year and it’s a slightly different story, and you have our sympathy.

And birthdays mean cake. According to the good old Readers’ Digest, The origins of the birthday cake comes from Ancient Greeks who borrowed the tradition from the Egyptians, who were the first to celebrate birthdays.

The clever Greeks decided that a sweet treat would make the celebration extra-special, which we think was a pretty good decision. They were further inspired to bake cakes in the shape of the full moon to offer up to Artemis, goddess of the moon, as a tribute.

Blow out the Candles

Why do our birthday cakes have candles? Well, the clever Greeks decorated their cakes with lit candles to make them shine just like the moon. And we’ve been putting candles on our birthday cakes ever since. Tradition has it that the candles should be blown out in one good strong blow, and of course, the wish that you make should never be revealed to anyone, or it won’t come true…

A Very Merry Un-birthday to You

Your birthday might be once a year, but you can celebrate your Unbirthday all the other 364 days if you feel like it. You can thank Lewis Carroll for that – he first coined the word Unbirthday in his novel Through the Looking Glass, and there’s even an Unbirthday song to rival the traditional Happy Birthday to You song.

Happy Birthday when it comes – and a Happy Un-birthday for every other day – now where’s that birthday cake…