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All You Need to Know about Christmas Trees

Crimbotrees - close up real nordmann fir christmas treeAs a major supplier of real Christmas trees in the Edinburgh area, we know a bit about them. In fact, if there was a pub quiz about Christmas trees, we’re pretty sure we’d be in with a shout. As Christmas 2019 approaches, we’ve put together some fascinating facts about real Christmas trees.

  • One of the most popular real Christmas trees is the Nordmann Fir – or to give it its Latin name – the Abies Nordmanniana.
  • The Nordmann Fir was named after a Finnish biologist, Alexander Von Nordmann, who discovered it growing in Georgia, in the Caucasus, in 1838.

Attractive shape and foliage

  • The noble Nordmann Fir is one of the most important species grown for Christmas trees, being favoured for its attractive foliage and shape. Its needles are not sharp and don’t drop readily when the tree dries out.
  • The tallest real Christmas trees that we supply at CrimboTrees are 8ft high, yet some specimens have been reported to grow to a massive 279ft (85m) in parts of Russia! We don’t recommend that for your living room…
  • Mature Nordmann Firs can reach a trunk diameter of up to 2 metres.
  • The needles have a ball and socket root which means they don’t fall out easily.

  • The Nordmann Fir produces long greenish/ brown cones. The main function of a pine cone is to keep a pine tree’s seeds safe. Pine cones close their scales to protect the seeds from cold temperatures, wind, and animals that might try to eat them.
  • Pine cones open up and release their seeds when it is warm which makes it easier for the seed to germinate
  • The Nordmann Fir is commonly used for reforestation as a way to mitigate expected forest decline caused by climate changes.
  • The wood is soft and white, ideal for general construction and paper.

Real Christmas trees grown in Scotland

  • Our Nordmann Firs are grown in Scotland on home soil, where we then shape and nurture them, year after year, to give you the very best home-grown trees available. 

Long, slow growth

  • Growing a Nordmann fir to the ideal height is a long, slow process. It takes approximately 10 years for a Nordmann fir to reach 7ft in height, which is a very slow growth.
  • The tree’s slow growth means that they have a large number of strong, healthy branches, as well as beautiful long, soft needles.

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