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Beat the January Blues

Okay so it’s January and we’re all feeling the January blues. How can we beat the gloomy feeling now that the festive season is over? Apart from accepting that this is all part of the great cycle of the seasons and embracing January in all it’s gloomy glory – here are a few ideas that might perk you up before Spring makes an appearance.

Step outside

Some of us have no option but to leave the house to go to work, but at this time of year, we leave home in the dark and get back home in the dark too. Getting outside is all well and good but we need that Vitamin D to help beat the January blues. Try lunchtime walk club – get some colleagues together and go for a twenty minute power walk – guaranteed to put the colour in your cheeks! 

Eat healthy

Yes, I know – January is miserable enough without cutting down on the things that make us feel good but try eating the rainbow. We’ve probably all eaten beige food over the festive season and it shows in our mood, waistline and complexion. Mix it up a little. Soup is a good way to get your five a day and it’s an easy packed lunch too, so get creative.


Don’t go mad trying to tidy the whole house – start with one room at a time. January is traditionally the month where we get rid of the stuff that no longer sparks joy, as Marie Kondo says. Give it to charity, or sell it on an auction site or Facebook Marketplace. There are even local Facebook Groups for bartering. We know that one man’s meat is another’s poison so you can offer up things you no longer need for something you do – even food! Check out a Facebook bartering group in your area. 

Struggling for space?

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