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The Crimbotrees Guide to Choosing your Perfect Tree

Who are CrimboTrees and why an Edinburgh Christmas Tree?

A family-run firm dedicated to providing the highest quality trees home-grown on Scottish soil, CrimboTrees is the only place to go to truly light up your Christmas.

-If you are looking for Edinburgh Christmas Tree, then is the answer.

-Do you pine for the fresh scent of pine?!

-Does even the thought of an artificial Christmas tree fill you with a nameless dread?

-Check out our CrimboTrees guide below to the perfect Christmas tree.

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Introducing the Nordmann Fir

CrimboTrees specialise in providing high-quality Nordmann firs. These magnificent trees originate from the Caucasus region and the mountainous region surrounding the Black Sea. They have been known to reach heights of 279ft in some parts of Russia! Our Nordmann Firs however are not imported, but are grown on fertile Scottish soil for approximately ten years and nurtured to the perfect height of 7-8ft.

Why the Nordmann Fir?

Home-grown: Our Nordmann firs have been nurtured from sprightly saplings into strong healthy mature trees all on Scottish land. These are trees that are guaranteed not to have briefly glimpsed the world from the confined space of an aeroplane! Eco-Friendly and authentic. What’s not to like?

Needle Retention: Nordmann firs are renowned for their fantastic needle retention. If you are worried about the potential mess, then kick back and relax because finding rogue Nordmann needles will be like looking in a haystack! Still thinking about an artificial tree? Read on!

Colour and Smell: Remember the wonderful natural colour and fresh smell of your artificial tree last year? Me neither! Nordmann firs are a delicious dark green that speaks volumes about their natural growth. Added to the vibrant colour is the wonderfully fresh scent of pine that emanates from the Nordmann. Do you want the fresh scent of nature to float gently around your house this Christmas? Look no further than the Nordmann. Trust me, this is one tree you will want to spend your Christmas around!

Nurturing Nature: The Nordmann fir requires regular watering to keep it vibrant and healthy right through Christmas and the New Year. What better way to give your children the responsibility of nurturing the tree up to Christmas Day?

Decoration: Nordmann needles are exceptionally soft to the touch. Needle is really not the appropriate word! Soft to the touch with strong branches and an unwavering upright stature, the Nordmann fir is the ideal tree for the family to decorate together.

Want to keep your Christmas authentic and fresh?

Resplendent to the eye, Nordmann firs, with their unrivalled needle retention and natural colour will guarantee a real Christmas experience. If the Nordmann fir sounds like your perfect Edinburgh Christmas tree then check out our address.  Too busy with Christmas shopping to come and choose a tree? Not to worry! CrimboTrees specialises in efficient home delivery. Have a look at our reviews detailing our excellent customer service and fast delivery. Let’s keep Christmas Real!