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Christmas Dinner Around the World

With June coming to an end, we are now closer to Christmas coming than Christmas past, and it’s officially acceptable to start planning! There are three things that make every Christmas special: spending time with those you love, traditions like your premium Scottish grown Christmas tree from Crimbotrees and, of course, the food! Christmas dinner is different for everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

Traditionally British

Here in the UK we all know that Christmas dinner isn’t complete without a roast turkey, crispy roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts, pigs in blankets, stuffing, gravy and the all-important cranberry sauce.

Christmas Turkey

History tells us we’ve been eating turkey for Christmas dinner since the 16th century, we can thank King Henry VIII for starting this particular tradition off! Even now 87% of the British people believe that Christmas isn’t the same without a big turkey! Us Brits eat roughly 10 million each year at Christmas time! Now that we have spent hundreds of years perfecting our version of Christmas dinner, have you ever wondered what traditions in other countries look like? Maybe its time to add an exotic twist to our own version!

Here are some recipes from around the worlds Christmas dinners, who knows, there may be one you want to try this year?

Iceland’s star of the show

To start us off we have Iceland, Icelanders in actual fact, celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, having a meal, dancing and opening presents. The traditional meal all revolves around Hangikjot -smoked lamb- this is the most important part of the feast. It is simply covered in cold water or meat stock in a pot and left to heat at a low temperature until boiling, it’s then served either hot or cold with potatoes in a béchamel sauce with green peas!

Denmark’s dessert with a twist

Next, we have Denmark, this traditional dessert has a special twist! Ris a la mande, or rice pudding to me and you, traditionally made with rice, vanilla, milk, almonds and whipped cream. Delicious. Now for the twist, a whole almond is added and hidden in the rice pudding, whoever finds it gets an extra little gift! The perfect way of adding a bit of excitement to dessert time, especially if there are children involved!

Poland’s unexpected guest

For something completely different we’ve headed to Poland, this time for a starter! How does Beetroot or even ‘Borscht’ soup sound? This dish can be served hot or cold, most commonly the first served dish with mini dumplings, it is then followed by 11 other courses! Christmas dinner is reserved for the closest family members in Poland, however, it is customary to set an extra seat and plate for any unexpected guests.

Portugal’s Christmas Eve fasting

Following the Catholic tradition, the Portuguese spend Christmas eve fasting. They end this fasting with a meal called Consoada. This usually consists of Salt-cod at the centre of the table, some regions even use Octopus instead, served with rice, boiled eggs, cabbage and sweet potatoes!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this whistlestop tour of Christmas Dinner around the globe.