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Why Christmas Is Our Favourite Season

Christmas is our favourite season. Okay – this might seem obvious at first, but it’s a very busy time for the CrimboTrees team. Every December our little (and large) helpers work around the clock, getting the year’s trees ready for collection and doing Christmas tree deliveries around Edinburgh.

So, what keeps up going during our busy season? We get to enjoy all of our favourite things about Christmas!

7 Reasons Why Christmas Is Our Favourite Season

Chocolate Becomes A Breakfast Staple

Eating chocolate every day is frowned upon – and understandably so – except in during advent, when indulging cocoa-based breakfast is all but compulsory. When you have a hard day’s work ahead, why not set yourself up for the day with a tasty treat?

Watching Films On Repeat Stops Being Weird And Annoying

Do your friends think you’re weird for watching your favourite films on a loop? Opinions on this activity have split families and destroyed friendships. But at Christmas time, it becomes the cultural norm to enjoy your favourite Elf-based feature film weekly (if not daily). So even if you’re not Home Alone, go ahead and stick on A Christmas Carol (on repeat) – without stigma!

Our Furries Go Full Festive

Dogs, cats, hamsters and horses – it’s the one day every year when they can get fully onboard with the human calendar. Because our fur-babies are people too. And if you’ve never seen a Miniature Schnauzer prancing around in her new Christmas jumper – have you really lived?

Driving Becomes A Joy

We could be top-to-toe in tailbacks on our final Christmas tree delivery in Edinburgh for the year, but we’d still be smiling! Why?

For one month every year, the Christmas season bestows Chris Rhea (and our other favourite cross-generational songbirds), with the power to sprinkle festive travellers with Christmas spirit. It actually makes it impossible NOT to enjoy driving ANYWHERE for Christmas. Even the most mundane journeys become a joy. Yep, even that last-minute supermarket dash.

Christmas Specials Are Finally On TV

From the timeless classics like Only Fools to the modern day masterpiece that is the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special, we love joining our favourite characters on Christmas Day. If nothing else, it makes our own family feel mildly less dysfunctional, when we watch our sitcom favourites drink pints of Bailey’s as their special day slowly descends into chaos.

We Can Help Make Christmas Magical

There’s something about experiencing Christmas as an adult that feels distinctly like being passed the Olympic torch. By default, it’s a magical time of year for everyone (thanks, Santa) and we are by no means saying that ‘Christmas is for the children’. That would be wholly untrue.

BUT – there really is nothing like plotting, planning and scheming all December long, just to see those little faces light up at 3.45am on Christmas morning. One of our favourite things about the Christmas season as ‘grown-ups’ is being able to play a small part in making that magic happen.

Delivering Christmas Trees In Edinburgh

Well, if we didn’t love our job December would be a pretty miserable month for us. But we LOVE turning up on your doorsteps with our real Scottish Christmas trees. Whether we’re delivering your first ever real tree, or our visit has become an annual ritual, nothing beats the day your Christmas tree arrives. And we get to be a part of that.

Want us to deliver a real Scottish Christmas tree to your door, this year? We offer Christmas tree delivery in Edinburgh but if you live further afield, don’t despair! You can reserve your tree online and collect it from CrimboTrees HQ at The Old Jenner’s Depository in Edinburgh throughout December. In the meantime, join us on Facebook for the countdown to Christmas Day 2018!