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Covid-19 Christmas Shopping

With restrictions still in place throughout the UK and it only being 15 weeks until Christmas 2020, the question of “how we will do our Christmas shopping?” is starting to play on everyone’s minds!

How We Usually Shop

Many people go on day trips to their nearest shopping centres or outlets, buying all of their loved ones presents in one go. Other people buy things in dribs and drabs when they see the perfect present in shop windows. Some people like lists and planning, or many people like to buy on instinct, everyone does everything differently, however this year, we all have to shop the same.


In the UK the restrictions that are currently in place are face masks in all shops, indoor shopping centres, and outlets. Staying 1-2 meters apart depending on where you are in the country, not touching anything, limited amounts of people in each shop, even limits of how much of each item you are allowed to buy, and don’t forget the hand sanitiser!! Shopping this way can take the joy out of making lists and looking through all the gifts you can buy for those you love.

There are other ways. We all have to adapt to the new version of normal. Our new everyday normal can mean we have to think about Christmas earlier than we usually do, making more trips than we usually do, and for those who are last-minute shoppers, that can’t happen this year!

The Solution

How about trying online Christmas shopping? This can take some getting used to but many websites have really upped their game since the start of lockdown. Not knowing where to look or where to start can be daunting. Start here. Start by writing a list of all the people you need to buy for, then add the budget you usually spend on each person, finally get your thinking cap on and write down the first thing you think of when you think of each person, this is a great way to search for a present to buy when you don’t know what to get them. Remember to shop safely online, nobody wants accounts’ to be hacked during the festive season!

There are many tools out there for planning and organising to help every one of us get organised this year! And keep in mind, if we all shop online, delivery time may be longer than usual! And don’t forget to get your Real Christmas Trees from us here at Crimbotrees!