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How to Dispose of Your Old Christmas Tree – Our Favourite Sustainable Ideas!

Environmentally friendly christmas tree disposal

After weeks of loyal service, it’s only natural that we want to do right by our Christmas trees and give them the send off they deserve. Not sure when to take it down? Find out more about the Twelfth night! For our beloved trees, packing them off to the dump might not cut the mustard… So just as you thought they couldn’t get any greener, we have collected some of our favourite sustainable ways to dispose of your old tree…

  • Re-plant and Re-use— Start a new tradition this year by replanting your tree in a pot, a little T.L.C. can go a long way in reviving festive foliage to be decorated again next December. Many varieties of Christmas tree are extremely resilient and can spring back to life, growing new roots even after their branches have become droopy and started to drop their needles.
  • Charity Collection – Give back as you pack off your tree to pastures new by getting in touch with local charities in your area, many offer tree collection in exchange for a small donation.
  • Make it mulch – Check with local garden centres, some will accept or even collect old christmas trees and chip them, to use in the centre throughout the year.
  • Natural Conservation – the unsung heroes of our sand dunes and hedges, old Christmas trees have been used throughout the UK to maintain the structure of dunes, provide support to dwindling hedge rows and even strengthen sea defences. Look for local projects in your area online.
  • Bin it! – some councils accept old Christmas trees as a part of your garden waste. Check with your local council before leaving your tree in the brown bin, ready to be reshipped or made into compost.

So think outside the pot this year when looking for environmentally friendly christmas tree disposal and you could give your humble Christmas tree a whole new lease of life!