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Easter – Decorating isn’t limited to Christmas

Easter falls on Sunday 4th April this year so it’s Easter decorating time folks, and if this all sounds alien to you then you’d better get used to the idea quite frankly. 

Decorating isn’t limited to Christmas these days and whether we’re opening the door on this world for you for the first time or you’re filing your nails muttering ‘tell me something I don’t know’ you’ve got to read on for cracking Easer decorating tips.

The CrimboTrees team knows a thing or two about decorating even if we do say so ourselves so let’s start with Easter trees. 

What are Easter trees?

Easter trees are way smaller than Christmas trees (many look like stripped-down Bonsai trees and are typically made from wood or metal or LED) and are usually festooned florally or with feathers. 

You can buy them online or have a crack at making your own even if you’re about as crafty as Jeremy Clarkson. 

Once you’ve settled on a base like a little plant pot with soil in it or even a tall vase, you then grab some flowering branches from the back garden and decorate them with whatever you darn well pleasey.  Those little chocolate eggs with the hard sugar shells can even be used decoratively instead of soil in a clear vase to prop up your tree. 

Egg and bunny ornaments, paper flowers, or something that tells the world it’s spring and that we’re looking at a new beginning at last – especially this year – are popular choices to liven up your tree. 

The History of Easter trees

The home décor business is booming during lockdown and Easter trees are riding this wave but Germans have been decorating trees for Easter for centuries as part of what is called Ostereierbaum while the Swedes have their version called Påskris where they string eggs and feathers around trees. 

Easter trees and Christmas trees

Easter trees and Christmas trees are two different animals so there’s no competition here  – they don’t need a fight to battle it out like on Harry Hill. Perhaps an Easter tree will steal the show on your dining room table centrepiece or mantelpiece after reading this blog? You’re welcome.  

Easter eggs, Easter chicks, Easter bunnies 

We can’t leave out the three elephants in the room – Easter eggs, Easter chicks and Easter bunnies. We don’t know which came first either but we’ll start with the egg and then move on to little yellow chicks  – but not the fluffy ones with pipe cleaner legs and wonky eyes that come off on your fingers.  The bunnies will also get their turn. 

Egg painting doesn’t have to be predictable or require a degree in art and please don’t be put off by the fact that we are trying to sell the idea of tie-dye eggs to you because a little bird tells us it’s back in fashion. More importantly, they look surprisingly good, but best of all it’s a lifehack that you can adopt and execute in a jiffy plus there are plenty of tutorials online like YouTube’s RedTedArt to keep you right. Tips on making paper Easter chick and bunny ornaments for your Easter tree or for wherever you like can also be found on this channel and, again, you don’t have to be a past master to make them look half decent. It’s actually a lot of fun.  

Easter floral wreaths 

Easter floral wreaths are timelessly beautiful and can be centrepiece table decorations or why not try a fresh Easter wreath on your front door? Whether you’re shopping for ones made with artificial flowers or dried herbs and botanicals or you’ve crafted your own, they also mark a new beginning and the end of a very long winter. Hoorah.