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20 Reasons To Get Excited For Christmas Now Summer Is Over

Edinburgh Christmas Tree

Now that the nights are beginning to draw in and the leaves have started to turn – we can finally start to get excited about Christmas. But what seasonal treats are we most looking forward to? With Christmas just a few months away, here are 20 of our favourite reasons to get in the festive spirit!


1. Christmas Films

You might have seen Home Alone a thousand times, but there’s a comforting ritual in settling down to watch the same Christmas classics every year.


2. Christmas-Only Treats

Christmas pudding, chocolate Baileys and pigs in blankets – all things you just can’t get away with from February to November.


3. Getting The Family Together

But it’s Christmas!” trumps all the reasons we have for not visiting friends and family throughout the year.


4. Drinking Eggnog

Because no reasonable person would drink it in July.


5. Having Chocolate For Breakfast

Buy yourself an advent calendar and it’s acceptable to have chocolate before 8 am, all month long.


6. The Office Christmas Party

Time to let your hair down and blow off some steam with your co-workers. And if you love a bit of drama, all the better. Find out who’s been harbouring a grudge over the big promotion and discover the truth behind those rumours of office romance.


7. Christmas Lights

These dark winter nights shall be gloomy no more! Watch as your local streets come alive with flashing displays and inflatable Saint Nicks.

Real Christmas Trees in Edinburgh


8. Coming Over All Nostalgic

Bring out those decorations you made when you were little and revisit those cherished memories of Christmases gone by whilst you’re busy making new ones.


9. Christmas Mad Kids

Do you have little ones in your family? They say that Christmas is for the children, after all. Whilst we don’t strictly agree, it is a lot of fun to see their faces light up on Christmas morning to a stocking at the end of the bed. And they’re more likely to behave in the run-up.


10. Christmas TV Specials

You can look forward to feature-length episodes of your favourite TV programmes. Whether you’re hooked on Downton Abbey or Gavin and Stacey, the Christmas special promises an extra helping of drama with a side of festive folly.


11. Festive Cheer

Everyone is happier during the holidays! There’s something about the magic of Christmas that can cause even the greenest of Grinches to crack a smile.


12. Early Finishes

Students can count on a half-day on the last day of term and even some grown-ups can get away with clocking out early at this time of year.


13. Christmas Jumpers

Time to look out your festive uniform! Stuck for what to wear for a festive doo or Christmas night out? No problem – you can throw on your favourite yuletide woollens at any time, unhindered by the constraints of dress codes and fashion trends.


14. That Real Christmas Tree Smell

Real trees are actually better for the environment than fake Christmas trees and will fill your home with that sweet, unmistakable, Christmas tree scent. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few things you might not know about fake trees.



15. Selection Boxes

Sick of buying your chocolate buttons and Curly Wurlys separately? At Christmas time you can purchase all of your favourite choccies in one place and selection boxes are also a fail-safe emergency gift.


16. Christmas Crackers

Worth having for their cheesy jokes alone, but the real pleasure lies in watching your most miserable relatives don their paper hats for the obligatory thirty minutes of wear time.


17. Time To Switch Off

The shops are closed, public transport runs on a skeleton timetable and anyone worth their salt is either with their family or helping others in their community. There really is no excuse to be working at Christmas time, so you can turn off your phone and remain truly guilt-free.


18. Taking Daytime Naps

Feel like a snooze at 10 am? Go for it. At Christmas, this is totally acceptable.


19. Presents

Did you think we had forgotten? We all love presents! And we love to see the look on our loved ones’ faces when they open a great gift.


20. Mulled Wine

The perfect winter beverage. It’s warm, it’s spicy and it fills your house with the smell of Christmas. Drink it at Christmas, New Year and all through January, if you like.


Can’t wait for Christmas? Join our Christmas countdown on Facebook and don’t forget to reserve your real Scottish Christmas tree online and collect from us at a time that suits you. Orders open December 2017 and £5 from every tree sold will be donated to Maggie’s Centre in Edinburgh.