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Getting Ready For Christmas 2020

Christmas is almost here, only 14 weeks away! Beneath the excitement and usual preparations, we all have what Christmas will be like this year lurking at the back of our minds. The heart of Christmas is the people, your family, loved ones and doing things for others. Usually, at this time, the discussion of who to have Christmas dinner with is starting to come up in conversation. However, not knowing how many people and households can mix this year has stopped preparations in their tracks.

What Else Can We Get Prepped?

There are many more steps and stages we can get well underway to start us on the right road to Christmas! For example, our Christmas lists, letters to Santa, buying decorations, picking the perfect spot for the tree. This year, we all need to make the most of a bad situation!

Let’s make a new tradition; whether it is buying matching pyjamas for the family, volunteering in your community, finding a new recipe, or making your Christmas cards at home, there are loads of other ways to get festive!

The Decorations

The start of getting into the Christmas spirit is putting on a Christmas jumper, turning the Christmas carols up high and putting up all the decorations! How about making an extra special window decoration this year? More lights, Santas and snow are always a winner and sure to make those walking past smile.

The Cards

Personalise your cards this year. It’s far too easy to get stuck in the routine of buying cards;  we all have a glue stick and some glitter lurking somewhere in the house! Put your drop of sparkle on your cards to make people know you’re thinking about them this winter. Homemade always beats shop-bought, plus its good fun! We, of course, advise eco-friendly glitter!

The Tree

The tree is the show stopper! The main event! Most of us get the same decorations out each year and have the same looking tree each year too. Get creative, make some new ones, make some for your neighbours, cousins and community! All the little things help and are a great way to mix it up!

The Food

Of course, the food. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the enormous dinners and selection of nibbles! Lots of people have recipes passed down from generation to generation. There are so many brilliant recipe resources out there, share them with a friend or ask a family member how they do things? Maybe, spice up those dreaded sprouts!!


Christmas is what we make it, it might not be what we have all hoped for, but we can still make it a Christmas to remember for everyone!