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Halloween Trees

Halloween’s the time for letting the spirit of craft move you to make spooky stuff – even if it’s just a simple pom-pom with some oversized googly eyes stuck on it. And what better place to showcase all that blood, sweat and tears than a Halloween tree! 

You can always go out and buy some stuff if you can’t be bothered with all that, and here are some Halloween tree ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

And don’t forget, you only have to wait until 1st November before our online shop opens and you can get your hands on a real tree!

Go all out for Halloween

Why not go all out this Halloween and festoon your tree in all the spookiest and devilishly ghoulish decorations, trinkets and masks that you can get your mitts on. We’re talking skulls, witches, wizards, cauldrons, ghosts, goblins and you can have a blood-red tree or black tree or even a white one.  It’s open season so just you go for it.

Dia de Muertos Halloween tree

The three-day-long Mexican holiday, Dia de Muertos is a wonderful inspiration for a Halloween tree. Start with a black one and drape it in white skulls and lots of coloured flowers and lights. This one can look stylish and beautiful as well as a wee bit unnerving in certain lights.

Film themed Halloween tree

Take inspiration from a Halloween movie if you like. You could create a Michael Myers tree with an old blue boiler suit and white mask if you’re on a budget Did he ever wash that boiler suit?  He never visited a launderette in any of the films, did he?

Or you could go for The Nightmare Before Christmas using Jack Skellington as your inspiration and have some fun with your horror-themed tree.

Then there’s Harry Potter. Deck out your tree with some of those little round specs for starters and then you could really go to town on the rest of it! How about a wee Hogwarts Express train going round and round the base?

Lord of The Rings fans might want to get a tall white tree and give it a big white beard and hair using that fake cobweb spray, then stick a pointy hat on it and call it Gandalf.

Witches and Wizards Halloween tree

And speaking of wizards, you can hang bats around the top of your tree and make this one a witch or wizard-themed tree with broomsticks, wizard and witch hats, and perhaps even those big false witch noses and wands hanging from it. Books of spells and cauldrons and cut outs of black cats will also cast a spell over onlookers.

Spider Halloween tree

A tree covered in spiders is bound to spook the hell out of people. It isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea and might even scare the dog – but you can go to town with that spray-can spider web stuff to complete the look and make it appear as if some badass arachnoids have invaded your living room.

Pumpkin Halloween tree

You can get orange artificial trees and these set the tone perfectly for a pumpkin tree and you can get your hands on loads of pumpkin ornaments to hang of it – plus they look equally as good on a black tree if this sounds like an orange overload to you.  Or you can get pumpkins and dye them different colours or paint patterns on them. Halloween’s not the time to be shackled by convention!

Pink Halloween tree

A pink artificial tree with black cut out cobwebs, bats, spiders cats, ghosts, or the faces of your least favourite politicians will stand out from the crowd. You can top this one off with a big black witches hat that looks cooler than it sounds and is perhaps easier on the eye as a concept than a lot of these ideas.

Finish it off with pumpkins all gathered at the bottom that are painted black, white, or both.  Gold and silver ones also look swell.  

Twig Halloween tree

For the minimalist look, why not get a pumpkin and stick a few old twigs and branches that you’ve foraged into the top of it and then festoon it with some plain white fairy lights.

This one comes alive at night casting all kinds of shadows plus the lights set off the orange of the pumpkin excellently.  You might even choose to spray paint the twigs and branches black for a real spook-fest.