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How Can Indoor Plants Benefit You?

Christmas isn’t the only time of year to bring the outside in!

In the world we live in now, everyone is aware of air pollution and the huge impact it has, but not everyone is aware that there are two types of air pollution, outdoor and indoor. Air pollution contributes to 9% (according to ‘Our World In Data’) of deaths globally and contributes hugely to other health conditions. Have you ever stopped and wondered what you could do to change this, or even to simply change the air you breathe in your own home? Indoor plants could be the answer.

Time to change


What can you do to make a difference? Solving outdoor air pollution is an ongoing problem that will take years to fix. Simple changes like walking instead of driving short distances, recycling plastics, or not printing things while you’re at work, they all help just a little bit. If everyone in the world made these small changes it would equal a big difference. 


Changes to improve indoor pollution in our place of work or your home, is much easier and you could feel the effects within weeks. Even if you’re the least green-fingered person on the planet there will be a plant for you! Bring the outside in all year round, trees aren’t just for Christmas, with indoor plants, they absorb harmful toxins and break them down and convert these toxins for food in their soil. All plants promote relaxation, going for a walk in the countryside, having a stroll through the park or taking 5 minutes out your day to sit in the garden. Surely we could all do with the feeling of that tiny bit more relaxed?

They can;

  • Improve moods, concentration levels, creativity.
  • Produce oxygen- Literal FRESH air!
  • Decrease stress levels and chances of getting sore throats and headaches.


How to pick your plant

The main reason people are put off owning an indoor plant is the fear of not being able to look after them or not knowing which one is best for them. The fear of them not surviving! There is an easy solution! You can now buy a plant subscription. They send you out a plant to your taste, send you instructions of how to care for them and even have a plant doctor available to send pictures of your plant to and they can tell you if your plant is healthy or needing some TLC! An easy way to detox your home, and an extra bonus they look good too!