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When should I put up my Christmas tree? - 2016-34

We’ve all got one.

That one friend who’s sharing ‘Elf’ GIFs whilst you’re still battling with post-Halloween facial staining.

But in a world where we see all the top retailers flaunt a blatant disregard for any sort of seasonal decency – how early, is too early?

(Or worse, too late?!)

We’ll be opening our doors again very soon (1st December) to bring you the finest Christmas trees in Edinburgh. So, in this month’s blog, we will address the pressing question that’s on everyone’s lips come November…


When Is The Right Time To Put Up Your Christmas Tree?

(WITHOUT causing a frenzy amongst your local Ebenezers OR taking away from the iridescent joy that’s found only in the magical weeks that run up to Christmas.)


The Christmas Eve Tradition

If you are of a sensitive disposition – please look away now. It may shock and appal you to discover that back in Roman times, ye olde Crimbo Trees weren’t decorated or even put up until Christmas Eve.

As much as we love our real Edinburgh Christmas trees, we actually have artificial trees to thank for switching up this old routine. The introduction of fake trees caused a Christmas-creep, that eventually led to trees and decorations going up much earlier.


When Do Modern Brits Put Up Their Tree?

Even in today’s multicultural society, most Brits put their trees up at the start of Advent which begins on the first Sunday in December. This harks back to the traditional Christian calendar which, thanks to the intervention of big-choc-corps, many of us now associate more closely with a chocolate-filled advent calendar.


real Christmas tree Edinburgh

Our Spin On Perfect Tree-Timing

For us, there’s no substitute for the magic and aroma of a real Christmas tree. Especially one of our Scottish Nordmann Fir trees from right here in Edinburgh. But welcoming a real tree into your home does mean you need to get clever with your timings.

We recommend putting your tree up during the first week of December. Any earlier, and your real tree may be looking sad by the big day. If you live in a particularly Scroogey household, you can always compromise by installing your tree about two weeks before Christmas. Nobody can argue with that! We like to give you the option by making our real Christmas trees in Edinburgh available to collect from 1st December.

And what about taking down your Christmas tree? We’ve got some expert advice on that very topic, right here, guaranteed to help you avoid that post-festive quandary.


As well as providing expert advice on Christmas tree etiquette, we also sell the best Christmas trees in Edinburgh. Just ask our happy customers! And to top it off, when you buy from us you’ll be helping to support your local Maggie’s Centre. We believe this is the best way to spread festive cheer.

Come and visit us at the Jenners Depository in Edinburgh from 1st December 2017 or order your Christmas tree online now!