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Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree

A real Christmas tree takes time, care and a lot of love to grow. They don’t simply appear at Christmas time and disappear once it’s over. Their life starts years before the day they arrive in your living room, ready to decorate.

But how long does it take?

The average 6ft Christmas tree takes between six and ten years to grow. Once it is cut and brought to your home, it can last up to 4 weeks if adequately watered. That’s nearly a whole month of Christmas decorations!

Growing the perfect Christmas tree takes a lot of time and effort to ensure it grows into the iconic conical shape. If they are grown too fast, they will have too many spaces between each layer of branches and end up an unappealing tree. Not what you want in your home!


Where does it all start?

1. It starts with a tiny seed that’s sown into premium soil and grown safely in a seedling bed for the first few years of its life until strong enough to be moved.

2. The seedlings then move to a transplant bed where they grow for a couple more years. During their time in this bed, they are consistently being looked after, supplemented and de-bugged!

3. Once the transplanted trees reach around six years old, they move into a field where they stay until they are ready to be harvested. During this time, several processes are underway to create the ideal shape! These include:

 –Leader Control

 -Bud Rubbing

 -Pruning and more!

4. The trees are measured every year, and once they are the perfect height, width and density, they are cut and then shipped to be sold to sit in their final destination.

5. It doesn’t end there, though. Once the holidays are over, there are many ways to dispose of a real Christmas tree. You can even start the cycle all over again by turning it into wood chippings to help the next generations of Christmas trees grow!