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Meet Your Tree

We specialise in growing Nordmann firs, which are the perfect Christmas trees with their lovely symmetrical shape and glossy dark green colour.

CrimboTrees specialise in supplying a fantastic range of Nordmann firs. Their long soft needles make these real Christmas trees enjoyable for family members of all ages to help decorate. Beware though, they might encourage your children to crawl underneath to reach all of their presents before Christmas Day!

This particular tree also has a wonderful fresh fragrance, instantly filling any room with a subtle hint of pine. Real Christmas trees do require watering in order to last the duration of the festive season. When given ample water however, the tree will look it’s very best until the day arrives to de-tinsel. The excellent needle retention of the tree will also create minimal mess. The needles will not let you down by dropping early! This is the main reason why the Nordmann fir is the most popular of real Christmas trees.


real xmas trees edinburgh

Christmas tree Edinburgh

Did you know…?

The latin name for our Nordmann fir is Abies Nordmanniana.

The Nordmann fir was named after a Finnish biologist, Alexander Von Nordmann, who discovered it growing in Georgia, in the Caucasus, in 1838.

The tallest trees that we supply at CrimboTrees are 8ft high, yet some specimens have been reported to grow to a colossal 279ft (85m) in parts of Russia!

Our trees, however are not imported. Grown in Scotland on home soil, where we then shape and nurture them, year after year, to give you the very best home-grown trees available. Growing a Nordmann fir to the ideal height is a long, slow process. It takes approximately 10 years for a Nordmann fir to reach 7ft in height, which is a very slow growth. However this also means that the trees have a large number of strong, healthy branches, as well as beautifully long, soft needles.

Feel like you have made your decision and are ready to go for it? Head to our Christmas Shop and get your real xmas trees home asap!