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October’s National, Special and Wacky Days

Pumpkin seasonWe love a holiday here at Crimbotrees. Why wouldn’t we – we’re all about the Christmas season! But even we get bamboozled by all the weird and wacky holidays and national days of this and that. We decided to take a look at some of the weird and sometimes wonderful days in October. So here’s your definitive list. Grab a coffee and read on, because today – October 1st – is International Coffee Day (It’s also National Homemade Cookies Day – is that a happy accident?).

  • We’re not a fan of Name Your Car Day. We don’t like naming inanimate objects, but somebody must – because there’s a whole day dedicated to it on October 2nd. 
  • October 3 is National Boyfriends’ Day and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Be nice to your boyfriend (assuming you’re nice all year round so maybe be extra nice today).
  • Fore! October 4 is National Golf Day. It’s specifically about charity and raising money by playing golf tournaments and organising golf related activities. Sounds like a good walk wasted to me…

Random Acts of Kindness

  • The first Friday of October is World Smile Day and this year it falls on October 4th. Do an act of kindness and make someone smile! There’s even a World Smile Day website with lots of acts of kindness ideas and activities.
  • October 7 grabbed our attention – it’s Bald and Free Day – the day where we celebrate baldness and those who dare to bare their baldness. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of conditions like alopecia too.
  • October 9 is, for no apparent reason, Mouldy Cheese Day. We’re not sure if you’re meant to clear out your fridge of any leftover bits of cheese from last Christmas or you’re meant to celebrate cheese that’s deliberately mouldy. Either way – enjoy! Or you could justTake Your Teddy Bear to Work which falls on the same day.

Get Cracking with World Egg Day

  • Still on a food theme, the second Friday of October is no yolk  – World Egg Day  – so get cracking with some egg-citing recipes to celebrate.
  • Celebrate Dictionary Day on October 16th by leafing through a dictionary and dropping some new big words into the conversation. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.
  • Wear Something Gaudy on October 17 and celebrate your flamboyant side. Clashing patterns and colours will get you noticed if nothing else.
  • You might want to take the day off on October 19 and celebrate Evaluate Your Life Day by doing just that – do a bit of navel-gazing and make a change – for the better, hopefully.
  • Scotland and the rest of the UK celebrate National Tell a Story Day on October 27th. Pay your library fines, join the library, take the kids to the library, or re-read a favourite book.

Trick or Treat Season

  • Of course, the absolute highlight of October is Halloween, and it brings October to a spooky end, so get that pumpkin carved, decorate the house, put on a spooky film, and eat all the sweeties before the trick-or-treaters come knocking!

You could also use October to start prep for the Festive Season – find out more about our Scottish grown Christmas trees here