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Our Top Tips for Finding and Buying the Perfect Tree for a Magical Christmas


Christmas trees herald the coming festivities and bring people together. Every year sees families gathering around their tree, and residents and tourists coming together in major cities across the world to watch Christmas tree lights being switched on.

So: with the tree being a focal point of the Christmas celebrations, how can you make sure that you find and buy the perfect tree?

  • First things first: choose your space. Do you want your tree to be the centre of attention and make a bold statement? Or, would you rather it were nestled in a small corner? When you know where your tree will be, you can decide what size of tree you need.
  • Once you have decided where your tree will go, measure the height and width that you have available (remembering to take the heights of your stand and tree topper into consideration)! If you choose a tree that scrapes along your ceiling, looks cramped, and leaves no room for a tree topper, your beloved tree is not going to look very merry at all. At Crimbo Trees, we offer 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft trees, so we can cater to any space.
  • Every year, debates arise over whether artificial or real trees are better. We believe that, for many reasons, real trees cannot be beaten. Why? Real trees smell better. They look fresher and brighter. They are eco-friendly. They support the local economy (did you know that at Crimbo Trees we source all of our trees from Scottish suppliers?). Christmas only comes once a year, so why not do it right with a real tree?
  • Find a high-quality tree. “O Christmas Tree/ O Christmas Tree/ How lovely are your branches?” This traditional Christmas Carol has a good message! When shopping for your tree, look for a bright colour and give the branches a light shake. Fresh trees will have more pliable needles, and few should fall from the branches. At Crimbo Trees, we supply the highest quality Scottish-grown Nordman Firs. Nordman Firs are renowned for their festive fragrance, symmetrical shape, and beautiful dark green colour, which is why they are our tree of choice.
  • Check that the base of the tree is straight and sturdy enough to fit into a tree stand. We’ve all seen sad, droopy trees that have been propped up in an ill-suited stand. Don’t make this mistake! A good tree base should be at least six inches long, and should be evenly cut. If you’re unsure about what stand to use, contact us for advice: we supply tree stands that are perfectly matched for the trees we sell.

So, there you have it; follow these tips for the festive centerpiece that you deserve. With a Crimbo Trees tree, you can have a Christmas to remember for the right reasons.