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Plan Ahead for Festive Cheer

At at time where there’s not much to celebrate, we could all do with a bit of festive cheer, so we’re making no apologies for planning ahead for Christmas – in April! 

Stress Reliever

At the time of writing this month’s blog, we’re still in Covid-19 induced lockdown. That means some (certainly not all – a big thank you to ALL the frontline workers) of us are spending unexpected time at home – either working from home or furloughed, or caring for family. It’s a stressful time, and we’re all getting through it the best we can. 

Some of us have turned to baking as a stress or boredom reliever  – banana bread is EVERYWHERE! Some of us have turned to crafts like knitting or cross-stitch. Some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to dedicate time to these activities! In between keeping the family fed, educated and entertained, we’ve been planning ahead for later in the year, to keep our spirits up. 

We expect this Christmas to be a bit different. We definitely want to include our family and friends as we’ve missed seeing them so much. But we also want to have a stripped back festive season in terms of presents and our impact on the environment. 

According to a study by waste management company Biffa, the UK creates 30% more waste than usual over Christmas. This includes an estimated 227,000 miles of wrapping paper and 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. We’ve been looking at ways to reduce and avoid contributing to that mountain of waste. 

Sustainable gift wrapping.

Fabric wrapping

If you have a collection of fabric remnants you can use them to wrap gifts. Even better if the fabric can be re-used by the person receiving the gift. Tea towels make great gifts and can make wrapped gifts look pretty. The gift that keeps on giving!

Reuse wrapping paper

Collecting wrapping paper that’s been carefully unwrapped from received gifts throughout the year – or the previous Christmas – is becoming more and more popular. It can even be ironed to keep it flat. Make sure the tape’s removed too, to avoid sticky situations.

Recycled gift wrap

Even brown kraft paper comes in pretty colours these days, and of course you can buy perfectly lovely recycled gift wrap – but glitter and holographic papers are still not your eco-friendly friend. Keep it simple.

Read all about it

If you still take a daily newspaper, you’d be surprised how pretty it can look when wrapping presents.  The monochrome print looks striking next to red or green festive colours, and it’s sturdy too.

Don’t forget the tape

Ditch the sellotape in favour of eco-friendly paper tape. It often matches kraft or brown paper and is biodegradable too. Instead of using ribbon or bows,  why not whip out a Sharpie and simply scribble on a fun bow, ribbon or gift tag design instead?

Festive foraging

Present trimmings gathered from nature not only look impressive, they’re easy to source too. Of course we hope you’ll choose a fine Crimbotrees real Scottish grown Christmas tree so you can take a few small cuttings from a couple of branches to adorn and top off your gifts with some festive cheer!