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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Christmas 2020 is still 30 weeks away, so it’s maybe slightly early to be thinking about festive cheer, even by our year-round Christmassy standards.

For some of us it’s been particularly difficult to find reasons to be cheerful during these strange and unfamiliar times. Here at Crimbotrees, we set ourselves the task of trying to find some glimmer of positivity, and managed to pull together a few reasons to be cheerful, despite not being able to see families and friends.

  1. Looking forward to better days. At the time of writing, the sun is shining, and according to bookmakers Ladbrokes, the chance that summer 2020 will be the hottest on record is at 3/1 odds.
  2. With restrictions starting to be – at least tentatively – eased, we’re closer to seeing family and friends again after several weeks of lockdown. Meanwhile, we can take advice from the Icelandic Forest Service and hug a tree! Just let’s agree not to all hug the same one…
  3. The Movies! Oh all those movie releases we’ve missed. Yes we’ve had a few boxset binges on Netflix and Amazon, but it’s not the same as the big screen. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s worth seeing at the cinema as soon as it’s safe to go.
  4. Supporting local business. We’ve noticed that we’ve formed some new shopping habits like shopping from small, local producers rather than join busy supermarket queues. In many cases, this has thrown these small businesses a much-needed lifeline in very difficult economic times. Let’s keep that habit. We like it.
  5. Haircuts. Okay so we don’t know WHEN we’ll get a haircut, but we’re really looking forward to returning to the hairdresser’s chair when we can. It’s getting embarrassing now!
  6. Our Crimbotrees Christmas trees – Nordmann Firs – are growing nicely and will be ready in time for Christmas 2020. Our friends at Galloway Woodlands keep us up to date with their progress through their regular news and blog.
  7. As we’ve said, there are very few positive things about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but the effects on climate change, air pollution, and travel pollution can’t be underestimated. It’s given our planet a chance to breathe and repair some of the damage caused over the years. Now THAT’S a reason to be cheerful. If only it could continue. And breathe…