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Savvy Saving For Christmas Magic

Christmas Piggy BankStart some good money saving habits now and you’ll be able to sprinkle more Christmas magic come December. Saving money at Christmas sounds like a contradiction; being able to save at the one time of the year where we’re bombarded with advertising encouraging us to spend, spend, spend, is almost impossible. 

Or is it?

Seasonal Saving

It feels like the tide is starting to turn towards everyone becoming a bit more seasonally frugal, so we’ve rounded up some money-saving festive tips for you to consider before the festive madness starts.

  • An easy win is saving-by-stealth. Lots of current accounts have this function – every card transaction is rounded up to the nearest pound, and stashed away in a separate ‘pot’ for a rainy – or hopefully snowy – day. Try Monzo, or Plum, which works via Facebook. You could easily save a couple of hundred pounds by mid-December, without even noticing.
  • Now’s the time to start being ruthless with storage – the autumn clear-out  – and that’s bound to uncover loads of stuff that you’ve either never used or worn. Check out local car boot sales or social media sales pages like Facebook Marketplace and you could raise some cash to help towards the Christmas shopping. You’ll also find some great bargains to tick off your shopping list.
  • Cut back on so-called ‘obliged giving’ by reviewing your Christmas shopping list. Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, most adults don’t need gifts at Christmas, at least not in the traditional sense, so think outside the Christmas box and get creative instead of spending.  Home-baked goods or handmade gifts are universally acceptable, and the fact that you’ve made the gift gives you – and the lucky recipient – the warm fuzzies!

While we’re on the subject of gifts, pets don’t need gifts – just saying!

 The Four Gift Rule

  • A great idea for family giving is the Four Gift Rule – Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read should leave everybody satisfied – and set a budget for each family member and stick to it!
  • Secret Santa is gaining traction in homes around the country as well as a great solution for workplaces. Using an online Secret Santa generator makes it a doddle to organise too.
  • Start a Christmas box, and every time you go shopping, pick up a non-perishable item to lighten the load of the big Christmas food shop when the time comes. Check out the special offers though, like BOGOFs and two-for-ones.

Crimbotrees and Maggie’s Edinburgh

The festive season is a time to think about others too – and don’t forget that for every real Scottish Christmas tree you buy from us here at Crimbotrees we donate £5 to Maggie’s Edinburgh. We’re open for orders from 30th November so watch this space!