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The Crimbotrees Alphabet

Given that the season to be jolly is almost upon us, and it’s almost time for us to open our doors for sales of our real Christmas trees, we thought it would be fun to do the Crimbotrees alphabet! We had to wrack our collective brains for some letters but we had fun doing it:

Just for Fun

C is for ClicCrimbotrees - Decorate Your Real Christmas Treek and Collect.

Select your tree, stand and wreathes from our online Christmas Shop and collect from our depot at the Jenner’s Depository on Balgreen Road, It couldn’t be simpler!

R is for Real Trees

You just can’t beat the ambience a real Christmas tree brings in to the home. And our Christmas trees are premium quality, with a range of sizes to suit your room. And with the right care, it’ll last beautifully through the festive season.

I is for Independent

We’re a local business; not a large commercial chain. And we like to give back, so not only are you getting a top quality Christmas tree, you’re helping our favourite charity, which leads us on to…

M is for Maggie’s Edinburgh

We give £5 from every tree we sell to the cancer charity Maggie’s, in Edinburgh.  Thanks to last year’s sales, we were able to donate the equivalent of more than one day’s running costs to our local Maggie’s Centre, located at the Western General in Edinburgh. This Christmas, we are hoping to raise as much, if not more, for Maggie’s in Edinburgh.

B is for Baubles.

Because a Christmas tree without baubles is just a tree.

O is for Open

Our Balgreen Road depot opens to the public this Saturday 30 November. Come and choose your perfect tree for the happiest Christmas!

T is for Tinsel

See B for Baubles..

R is for Recycling

Most local councils will collect trees and chop them when the Christmas season is finished, and recycle them in many various ways (mulch for plants in local parks and gardens for instance). Edinburgh Council will collect your (real) Christmas tree through the garden waste service. You just need to place your tree at the kerbside, next to your brown bin by 6am on your garden waste pick-up day. Bases should be removed and trees over 6ft tall should be cut in half. You can also take your tree to any of the Community Recycling Centres. The sites will be closed on 25th, 26th December and 1st, 2nd January.

E is for Environment

Real Christmas trees are the eco friendly choice. It takes PVC, aluminium and energy to produce an artificial tree, and eventually, it’ll go to landfill. Compare that with a real Christmas tree which actually produces oxygen as it grows, provides habitat and shelter to wildlife, and – if grown locally, as our trees here at Crimbotrees are – travels significantly fewer carbon miles to get to our homes. It’s a no-brainer really.

E is for Edinburgh

Through our online booking system, we are able to deliver to the EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH11 & EH12 postcodes.  For all other areas, it’s “click & collect” from our premises located at The Old Jenners Depository on Balgreen Road.

S is for Scottish.

All Crimbotrees real Christmas trees – Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir are proudly grown in Scotland.


See you on Saturday – Christmas starts with a Crimbotrees tree – order now!