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Three Quick Tips To Help Plan Your Christmas

We know it’s hard to think about Christmas when we’re having record-breaking temperatures and have decided that ice lollies are one of our five a day. But here at Crimbotrees, we can’t leave it until December 1st before thinking about the big day. If we did, no-one would have one of our premium quality Scottish Christmas trees.

It’s now less than six months to go until December 25th and we know that planning is everything!

There’s no doubt that the run-up to Christmas can be a frantic time. We’ve had a think about how you can reduce the stress and increase the joy. Who wouldn’t want that?

The things we always seem to want more of are time, money and energy.

Save some Time

How about booking your annual leave now so that you get the days off you want without having to resort to bribery mid-December? A couple of days in the middle of the month can help you get everything organised just as you like so that you can actually enjoy Christmas Day.

Got friends and family abroad? Make sure you check the last posting dates so that it’s not the end of January before they receive their cards!

Spreading the Cost

There are lots of ways to spread the cost of Christmas if you start early enough.

Lots of supermarkets have savings stamps that you can collect throughout the year. You won’t miss a pound or two added to your weekly shop. It will make a huge difference to that extra big shop with so many other costs in December.

You can also keep an eye out for out-of-season offers and stash them under the bed until you need them. This is a great way to build up your stash of wrapping paper, crackers and the other bits and pieces that soon add up.


There never seem to be enough hours in the day in December. Delegating some of your to-do list will help keep your energy levels up.

If you’ve got children, how about giving them the task to decorate the tree. You can choose the tree together at our depot at Jenners Depository (we’ll also be in Stockbridge in 2018 – watch this space!). Then let them choose the decorations and get on with it. It might not end up how you imagined but you’ll create lots of special memories for the years to come.

If you’d like to get ahead on your to-do list, you can reserve your tree online here.